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Since 1965, our Society of City and Regional Planners brings together individual and institutional members from 90+ countries with the vision to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable through integrative participatory urban and territorial planning. In 2016, the Society initiated the ISOCARP Institute as a research spin-off for generating and disseminating knowledge for better cities and territories.

Our mission and objectives

Our mission is to mobilise professional urban and regional planners to co-implement the vision enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda by:

  • creating a global network of practitioners
  • fostering planning research, training, and education
  • encouraging the professional exchange of knowledge
  • promoting the planning profession and excellence in practice in all its forms
  • developing and maintaining altruistic relations between members
  • enhancing public awareness and understanding of major planning issues at the global level
  • supporting and protecting planning interest and professional planners

One of the major connotations of ISOCARP is the one of being a real global network. Planners from all over the world can find in ISOCARP an association where to find the right people and opportunities to develop, disseminate and compare ideas, initiatives, proposals, and projects. In order to frame the multiplicity of the ISOCARP world, the national delegations operate a number of activities to keep all member informed on major events involving ISOCARP activities. National delegations have a relevant role in addressing future choices and challenges to be met by ISOCARP.

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Source: ISOCARP - Mission and objectives

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