Data versus Corona (UvA)

Data versus Corona (DvC) is an initiative of researchers at the Department of Psychological Methods of the University of Amsterdam. This initiative is led by Denny Borsboom, Tessa Blanken, Charlotte Tanis, and Fabian Dablander.

The department itself has a sizeable research community of methodologists, statisticians, and behavioral (data) scientists and has major research lines around the themes of Bayesian statisticsnetwork modeling, mathematical psychology, psychometric research, and open science. The department is led by Denny BorsboomDóra Erbé-MatzkeEric-Jan Wagenmakers, and Han van der Maas. Currently, the DvC group consists of over 20 PhD students and staff based in the Department of Psychological Methods, who are committed to helping society by making their skills available. However, our initiative is not limited to our own department, and we are open to partnerships with other organizations (universities, companies, or research institutes) – so if you or your organization want to contribute, please let us know.

You might also be interested in Strategies versus Corona, an initiative to crowdsource and subsequently evaluate exit-strategies.


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