Jerzy Gawronski

Gemeente Amsterdam | Monumenten en Archeologie / Universiteit van Amsterdam

Jerzy Gawronski is stadsarcheoloog van de Gemeente Amsterdam en sinds 1998 werkzaam bij Monumenten Archeologie. Tevens is hij verbonden als archeoloog aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam waar hij sind9s 2008 de functie van hoogleraar Maritieme en urbane archeologie bekleedt (volledige titel leerstoel: Maritieme en urbane archeologie van de late middeleeuwen en de vroegmoderne periode, in het bijzonder de stad Amsterdam: leerstoel in samenwerking met Monumenten & Archeologie, Gemeente Amsterdam)

"Jerzy Gawronski's appointment as professor will further strengthen the discipline of historical archaeology within the UvA's Amsterdam Archaeological Centre (AAC). He is committed to taking an integrated approach to material culture through making connections between different fields of research. His scholarly attention is focused on two relevant themes that deserve more attention within current academia: the archaeology of shipping and the Dutch maritime expansion, and the archaeology of cities and urban culture after 1500. Amsterdam is a key theme within these areas of investigation.

Gawronski is also head of the Archaeology department of the municipal Office of Monuments and Archaeology ( Bureau Monumenten en Archeologie , BMA). In his function as municipal archaeologist of Amsterdam , he will conceive and realise a collaboration between the municipality and the UvA in the field of material culturestudies."

Bron: profiel op UvA website