From Local Action to Global Networks: Catalysing Collective Change

Talk by Candelaria Yanzi & Linda Peia (the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2023)

How do you catalyse action on today's most complex problems? In this presentation, you'll hear how Ayni – an initiative advancing collaborative systems innovation in 120+ cities across Latin America and Africa – has created a new organizational model for change where everyone has a role to play.

Ayni is a joint initiative of four organizations (RIL - Local Innovation Network, Ashoka, Vía educación, and Colab). Named after the Quechua word, ayni, which means reciprocity, the initiative seeks to unlock transformational change by convening and supporting city collaboratives via a new organizational model. Convinced that public challenges are not the exclusive responsibility of any single sector, Ayni builds change networks in cities, bringing together local governments, social entrepreneurs, citizens, and other actors to design collective strategies with long-term impact.

In this presentation, hear how Ayni's groundbreaking model approach supports local change actors to solve pressing challenges in their cities – to date, more than 600 social entrepreneurs and local government leaders in 30 countries.

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Speaker: Candelaria Yanzi & Linda Peia

Source: Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2023


From Local Action to Global Networks: Catalysing Collective Change