Climate-fit.City makes it easier for cities to adapt to the changing world. Using the most reliable scientific data available, we create the tools and services needed to help cities thrive, now and into the future. Climate-fit.City – reliable data, collated, verified and delivered.

In the document below you will find more information on the breakout session on regional and urban adaptation, organized by H2020 projects Climate-fit.City and EASME.

Our work began in 2017, when a group of research centres, universities and climate service purveyors from across Europe, began a collaboration aimed at building cleaner, healthier, safer and more resilient cities through better access to climate data. Together, the Climate-fit.City partners have developed a suite of tailored solutions to support climate service use for cities. 

The knowledge to know how

Climate services are the intelligence behind climate-resilient and low-carbon strategies. Their function is to channel science and technology into solutions for climate change resilience and sustainable economic growth.  

Urban areas are not only major contributors to climate change, they are also particularly vulnerable to its effects.  The associated social, economic and infrastructural risks can be dramatically curbed through efficient design and mitigation strategies, but this requires climate-informed decision-making across all levels of governance and planning.

Although there is a vast body of publicly available climate data, it is not always presented in line with the requirements of specific regions and sectors. Often, the economic and social benefits of climate services are not clear, quantifiable or specific enough to be used easily and effectively.

Usability, reliability, adaptability

The Climate-fit.City team works to identify and address the barriers preventing urban administrators, planners and coordinators from seizing the opportunities offered by climate services.

Working closely with city officials, we transform complex, high-calibre scientific data into a set of highly usable tools to address specific local challenges.

We produce high-level spatial resolution urban climate data to the scale our clients require, as well as detailed, local-scale climate-change impact information, and very specific impact analyses, giving them a clear insight into the best way to build sustainability and resilience.

By facilitating clear communication between the climate community and sector specific experts, we create urban climate service communities capable of integrating climate wisdom into the very fabric of their cities.

Facing the future with confidence

Whether our clients are urban administrations, commercial consulting companies or wider organisations such as city networks or international financing organisations, we deliver customised solutions to guide them through the adaptation process, from infrastructural planning to citizen outreach. We target your city’s entire system to create integrated and sustainable strength in the face of climate change. Everyone has a part to play in creating climate resilience.

Source: Climate-fit.City

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