Simulation-Based Turnaround Evaluation for Lelystad Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) is the main airport in the Netherlands and it was the fifth busiest airport in Europe in 2014 in terms of passenger traffic. Due to environmental reasons, the capacity at AMS is limited to 510,000 air traffic movements per year. In 2014 there were 438,296 movements at the airport representing 86% of the imposed cap, therefore Schiphol Group decided to divert the non-hub related traffic to the regional airport in Lelystad. This airport will be upgraded to handle commercial traffic, manly low cost carriers. Turnaround times are one of the important factors that will determine the attractiveness of the airport for potential airlines to start operations there. In this work the authors present a simulation-based analysis of the turnaround time performance using an approach that allows modeling the airport in a dynamic way taking into account the variability and uncertainty inherent in the system.

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