Geert Boosten

Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Geert has over 31 years of experience in the airport business. Following his studies in the Netherlands and four years working at a large publishing company, he started working at Schiphol Airport in 1988 (and left Schiphol in 1999). In various positions Geert gained experience and expertise in all aspects of airport (operations and commercial) management, business development and strategy. As a director corporate strategy he was responsible for Schiphol masterplanning, long term airport development (i.e. airport in the sea concept), international development (i.e. strategic alliance Vienna International Airport and acquisition of Brisbane airport, Australia) but also airport privatization, regulation of fees and charges as well as new business development using ICT (including project with BIAC/Switch). Geert is an all round airport expert with special interest in airport strategy, development, positioning of the airport in the local community (optimizing the added value of the airport) and master planning.

As a consultant Geert was involved in the strategy and/or masterplan development of Toronto International Airport (Canada), JFK airport New York (USA), Brisbane International Airport (Australia), Vienna International Airport (Austria), Brussels Airport BIAC (Belgium), Maastricht-Aachen Airport (Netherlands), Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands), Oostende-Brugge Airport (Belgium) , Airport of Kortrijk-Wevelgem (Belgium), Abidjan Airport (Ivory Coast), Lima Airport Partners (Peru), Rotterdam Airport and Bohol Airport (Philippines) but also of the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands).

Geert has been a board member of two public/private founded Dutch centers of expertise in transport and infrastructure, and chains and networks/logistics. As an aviation expert he defined the curriculum of the Bachelors Honors Aviation Management course at the Professional University of Amsterdam, School of Technology Amsterdam and he is also lecturing there. Currently Geert is the Head of the Aviation Department and Professor (Lector) Aviation Management. The Aviation Management research unitfocuses on applied research on the topic of capacity optimization.

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