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Athena Institute (VU)

The Athena Institute is a research and education department at the Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Athena’s mission is to scientifically study and design interfaces between science and society, with the aim to:

-Increase academic and societal understanding of key factors in innovation processes
-Enrich science with increased societal legitimacy and improved research utilization
-Improve societal awareness of how innovations may benefit the sustainability, equity and fairness of societies. 

Athena focuses on science and technology developments that are specifically – but not exclusively – related to health and life sciences. Specific domains of our research in the health and life sciences are: neuro-sciences, ecogenomics, mental health, maternal health, sustainability sciences, health sciences, global health and biotechnology.

Our strength is that we not only focus on the analysis of problems and innovations, but also develop methodologies for knowledge integration (reflection and learning). This knowledge and expertise is rather unique in the academic world.

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