Charge your boat (Wireless)

MADE Student Project

Spatial-temporal challenges for location of future charging stations for electric vessels in Amsterdam

In recent years an effort to tackle pollution and achieve sustainability has been made throughout the world. In terms of energy and mobility, this has resulted in low or emission-free mobility implementation. Electric mobility in an urban area requires a well thought development plan, especially when considering the charging infrastructure required for it. In cities such as Amsterdam, electric mobility also involves boats. This means that a holistic plan for electric boats in the future must be implemented, along with the needed charging infrastructure.

To select a suitable location for charging infrastructure for boats in Amsterdam, this study develops a methodology combining a spatio-temporal analysis with a multiple criteria decision analysis. Moreover, different charging technologies, such as Wireless power Transfer are reviewed to assess the potential of charging boats in water.

Based on real life vessel location data, this study implements spatio-temporal analysis for location selection for new charging stations in Amsterdam Centrum, taking its unique spatial characteristics into consideration, such as the great number of bridges in the canals, the lack of space at the quays or the current charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. This study provides insights on route and flows, density of vessels, speeds, characterization of vessels. The spatio-temporal analysis results in the calculation of energy demand of vessels that is followed by a spatial multicriteria decision analysis that incorporates the energy demand points and several spatial constraints. The data-driven methodology used in this work results in new proposed locations for emission-free vessel charging infrastructure that accommodate for the Amsterdam Centrum’s context and minimize vessel trajectory disturbance.


Author: Pablo Decelis

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