Fab City

In 2014, the then mayor of Barcelona challenged cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. Fab City Global Initiative is enabling this shift away from the industrial paradigm of Product-in Trash-out, by enabling the return of manufacture to cities supported by a Data-in Data-out urban model. It comprises a Network of 38 cities, a core Collective and is governed by a foundation. We are working to make locally productive, globally connected cities and citizens.

Values & Vision

We believe sustainability and livability depend on collective action and co-designed solutions which benefit the planet and the future of humanity. We manifest our values and vision as a community of practice through ten guiding principles, ‘The Fab City Manifesto.

Our approach

We apply our vision and values in a full stack model. From the local to the global, we work across multiple layers of practice and deployment, scaling the FabLab approach to a city and systems level.

The Fab City Manifesto

As the Fab City Summit opened in Paris on July 11, Paris, Toulouse, Barcelona, Helsinki, Belo Horizonte, Groningen, Brest, the Fab Foundation, the Fab City global initiative, as well as private and public actors, all signed the Fab City Manifesto. 

Click here to read more about The Fab City Manifesto.

Source: Fab City