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Launched in 2010, EIT Digital set out on a journey of growth. Growth of our community, growth of delivery on innovation, entrepreneurship and talent, and growth of its impact through thought leadership.

Since its launch, EIT Digital has equipped more than 2,200 students with the skills to innovate and become entrepreneurs; EIT Digital has supported more than 370 start-ups and scaleups to grow internationally, created more than 200 ventures and launched more than 530 products and services commercially.

EIT Digital matured against the background of a fast-accelerating digital world and a growing focus on entrepreneurship in Europe. Complementing the strong European research base, this entrepreneurial mindset will strengthen Europe’s position in a digital world driven by data, platforms, and the network economy. Creating a Strong Digital Europe will safeguard European values by being inclusive, fair, and sustainable.

In its Strategic Innovation Agenda 2022-2024 (SIA), EIT Digital outlines its plans to strengthen Europe in the digital world and help companies to lead digital innovation.

Source: EIT Digital - purpose

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