The cultural ecosystem services provided by different types of urban green spaces

This research project aims at analysing how Amsterdam’s citizens subjectively perceive different categories of urban green areas. To do so, green will be categorized infrastructure using satellite and Lidar data in the area Overtoomse Veld located in Amsterdam.

The aim of this study is to create a method to categorize urban green spaces and to find out which types are perceived as ‘better’ or ‘worse’. The results will help answering questions like: ‘What value do shrubs along a road have?’; ‘What kind of vegetation pulls people into parks the most?’; and in general ‘What vegetation do people value in their urban green surrounding?’ The results of the study could indicate which types of urban green spaces are demanded the most and how urban development could improve supply of such areas. Further, the mentioned categorisation will be replicable and could be applied to various areas to enable equivalent analysis of urban green space availability.

Author: Marlon Sippel

Examiner: Dr. Verena Seufert 

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