MSc Thesis- The role of energy storage in enabling an energy hub in Amsterdam Southeast

By Xiang Gao

To follow the rapid advance of the Energy Transition, the technology and application of the renewable energy resources and energy storage devices have been developed in an unstoppable speed. When the application of energy storage technology starts to prosper gradually over the world, there are some problems showing up while lots of advantages are being advocated.

There are plenty of batteries staying unused or being wastes for over half of the lifetime of the system, especially for the behind-the-meter energy storage system. The business models are usually built just for one or two primary services for customers and grid that makes only a limited part of time occupied, leaving the essential untapped values aside. And also, it is common that the energy storage system is coupled with PV panels or wind turbines. In this case, how to increase the on-site solar energy self-consumption becomes an attractive issue considering the sizeable financial benefit it can bring. What is more, when putting the attention on the neighbourhood or community level where there is more than one participator in this picture, how to create the extra value or bonus benefit using the existed system and equipment can be an interesting topic. This report will focus on the grid- size battery installed behind the meter within a commercial community. A methodology of the energy hub with two different lays providing all kinds of services will be proposed. As the result, the value of grid-size energy storage in enabling a community-level energy hub for both battery-owner and neighbours will be explored to cope with all the above problems. There will be a case study conducted in the selected Zuid-Oost Amsterdam region. In the end, how much benefit the energy hub can create for not only the battery-owner but also for the whole community and society will be discussed.

Source: Gao, X. 2019. The role of grid-size energy storage in enabling a community-level energy hub: case study in Zuid-Oost Amsterdam Region. Master of Science at the Delft University of Technology.