City Rhythm, Logbook of an Exploration

Research publication of the exploratory research into rhythm and policy making

City Rhythm research explored the potential of using rhythm analyses in the physical world and in the data domain for enhancing social safety in neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Rhythm in the physical world happens both in space as well as in time. Rhythm in data can connect to location (instead of persons), thus circumventing the issue of privacy. The two approaches create the chance to address significant social issues and how they develop in specific times and places. Founded in the social sciences, humanities, arts and computer science, the interdisciplinary research team also included civil servants of six cities in the Netherlands who engaged throughout the research. With the help of students, nine case studies are carried out. In conclusion to the one year exploratory study, City Rhythm indicates that rhythm analyses, in the physical world as well as in the related data domain, offer a potential new approach for policymaking.