Making energy use in homes more sustainable and ending the dependence on natural gas.

Working towards a climate-neutral country in 2050 requires making energy use in homes more sustainable and ending the dependence on natural gas. The interdisciplinary ALIGN4energy consortium helps to accelerate this energy transition in the Dutch residential sector.

Aligning solutions
The current pace of energy-efficient renovation is far too slow. Individuals, groups of citizens, associations of owners (VVE's), and housing corporations make investment decisions in isolation due to a lack of information, knowledge, coordination and/or funds. For policymakers, the large-scale decarbonization of the residential sector is a complex process that is challenging to steer. The multidisciplinary ALIGN4energy consortium works on solutions that align these citizens, policymakers, and energy system developers. 

The SAMEN modules
This project uses a bottom-up, data-driven strategy to align and integrate research on human systems (individual and group decisions, social dynamics) with modelling of energy systems. This allows for the simultaneous optimization of investments in clean energy at the individual, collective, and energy system level. The resulting digital decision-support tools, the SAMEN (System-optimized, AI-driven Maximization of Clean Energy Investments) modules, will provide tailored information. Subsequent policy measures can be aligned with citizens’ preferences and societal needs.  

Knowledge dissemination
AMS Institute takes the lead in knowledge dissemination in the project, facilitating the integration of co-development of research and is also responsible for the early disclosure of new insights to practitioners. AMS Institute therefore hosts events where researchers and practitioners can collaborate, co-create, and design integral activities. 

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