The GEYSER project is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Research Framework Program call FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013 Objective ICT-2013.6.2 Data Centres in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Internet. The project started on November 2013, running for 3 years, with an EU maximum budget of 2.979.000,00 €.

The GEYSER suite is to be tested and validated within 4 pilot sites:

1.Alticom Data Centres, The Netherlands
2.ENG Data Centre, Point Saint Martin, Italy
3.ASM Terni Data Centre facility, Terni, Italy
4.Aachen University Data Centre facility, Aachen, Germany

The GEYSER Vision is based on the premise that Data Centres will act as accomplished energy prosumers within tomorrow’s Smart Cities. They will be adept at using (a mix of) of available energy sources as well as catering for flexible management of the ICT workload.  This will enable the Data Centre to optimize its energy demand by continuously selecting the most attractive energy profile available.


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