Navigating Diversity: Enhancing Inclusivity and Accessibility in Amsterdam through a serious game

The municipality is developing a serious game for awareness of mental and physical diversity and inclusive city making. In this game players learn what it means to be different mentally and/or physically and what forms of inaccessibility this form of diversity faces. With this knowledge inaccessibility can hopefully be reduced and prevented. It's of added value if user experts deliver input in the game. Students researched how this can be done with different organisations in the city.


MSc Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in the Health & Life
Sciences (MPA) and Major Science in Society


Nuradin Ahmed, Tessa van Antwerpen, Titia Bal, Vera Bax, Ghita Ben Mbarek, Maria Marinopoulou, Yizi Pan, Arwin Quaak, Robin Versteegden, Saya van Weert, Şevval Yurdakul & Uschi Zwaan