Energy justice in Holendrecht

MSc Thesis by Robert van Berkel

This study is part of the project ‘Digitale warmte in de MRA’ that looks into the implementation of low-temperature heat grid based on residual datacentre heat in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam. Within the project ‘Digital heat in the MRA’ there is a focus on the role visuals could play to support the process of co-creation. An important aspect of this project is to investigate how stakeholders can be taken into account within the decision-making process regarding the implementation of heat grids.

Within this research, Robert van Berkel, aims to gain insight into the following question: "What energy injustices are identified by organized stakeholders in the transition towards sustainable heating in Holendrecht and how are visuals used to communicate about energy injustices? " Through participatory observations, interviews and documents, data has been collected about these injustices and visualizations.

Next to Robert's master thesis, a flyer can be found below.

Bron: TU Delft and Wageningen University & Research  

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