Boek: Food for Thought

When he discovered that his home country the Netherlands was the world's second-largest exporter of agricultural products after the United States, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen's interest was piqued. He wanted to discover the world behind our food production.

Where is our food produced? And how is it distributed across our world? Like a fly on the wall, Van Lohuizen follows the whole process, in the Netherlands, but also in Kenya, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and China. The large scale and efficiency of most food companies evokes as much respect as questions: what are the effects of these production and consumption chains on the planet? And how future-proof is this? Food for thought, indeed.

In this book - which can also be seen as a food atlas - Van Lohuizen compiles his images. For the book, extensive data research was done, which was translated into unique infographics.

Publisher: Lannoo  
Designer: Kummer & Herrman
Year: 2024
ISBN 978 94 014 9888 3
Dimensions: 310 x 250 x 33 mm
Pages: 288 pages, hardcover
Language: English

'We can feed this planet if we want to, even if there will soon be 11 billion of us, which is encouraging. But with a climate crisis in full swing, causing agricultural areas to dry up or flood, the system needs a major overhaul. I have become convinced that the way we’re doing things in many places won’t be sustainable in the longer or even the shorter term. The good news is that we can change it if we want to, and governments can also take the lead, particularly by providing farmers with alternative perspectives.'- Kadir van Lohuizen in the preface

Kadir Lohuizen - Beeld: Stanley Greene Noor

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