Video - Samenmarkt

Together with Olaf van Koten, Frances Brazier, Coen Hubers en Michel Oey we developed an idea for a new organization of the food market. First research focuses on the horticulture. We expect to develop a proposition for larger and diverse foodmarkets that operate on a global and local scale. Currently the team is  making a simulation of the current dynamics in the tomato chain based on in depth interviews with different stakeholders in the chain that are analysed with the YUTPA framework. This simulation is then used to create different scenario's. In the next phase of research we will create a distributed simulation for being able to better understand processes of self organisation and emergence when many growers and traders participate in different ways of structuring the horticultural market.  


Screenshot video samenmarkt

This animation describes the history and future of the (in)balance between growers and consumers of vegetables. It was shown on april 5th, 2012 at the inaugural speech of professor Olaf van Kooten at InHolland Delft University of Applied Sciences.

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