River Amstel reflecting the city. Archaeology of the North/South metro line

a talk by Prof. dr. Jerzy Gawronski (Professor University of Amsterdam, Maritime and urban archeology of the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, Head Monuments & Archeology, Municipality of Amsterdam)

Between 2003 and 2009 several archaeological excavations have been organized during the construction of the new North/Southline metro in Amsterdam. The basic theme of the research was a new urban material history, based on the large quantity of finds (700.000) which were recovered from the former riverbed at Rokin and Damrak in the centre of the city where the metro was build. The river is analysed and interpreted as a new source of archaeological data on urban life from 1200 up till the present day. The archaeological heritage which was collected and created by the river provides through its spatial context new rhythmic perspectives on the material interpretation of city history. The meaning of this archaeological heritage will be discussed on the basis of different products of the project, such as the photo catalogue Stuff with 13.000 finds, the public display of 10.000 finds in two showcases in Station Rokin and the website Belowthesurface with 20.000 finds.

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