Performative Reintegration

a performative lecture by Dr. Maria Estrada Fuentes (Performance artist & Theatre and Performance Studies Scholar, University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Maria Estrada Fuentes engages in community-building embodied practices that address the relationship between individual and collective bodies. For this, the body is understood as an intersectional place for learning through the interplay between individual and collective rhythms. Overall, this practice-led session provides an initial insight to the role of embodied practice in contemporary conflict transformation.

talk Maria Fuentes



María Estrada-Fuentes is Guest Lecturer at the Theatre and Performance Studies Department, University of Amsterdam, and Post-Doctoral Associate Fellow at the School of Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Warwick. Her research interests include arts-based conflict transformation, gender and complex-victimhood, politics and performance. She is co-investigator in the international research project ‘Towards a Moral Grammar of Transitional Justice: Secondary Care Practices to Support Conflict Transformation in Colombia’ a public-private partnership between the University of Warwick (UK), Los Andes University and the Reincorporation and Normalization Agency (Colombia).

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