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Private sector (ESG for Cities)

This collection is part of the exploratory research project ESG for Cities (ESG4C) initated by the Chief Science Office (CSO) of Amsterdam and the ESG Innovation Collective. See 'more information' for an overview of all sessions.

Here we gather all presentations about the private sector.

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These sessions were part of the research:

  • Research Conference #1 (September 13th)
  • Deepdive #1 "The ESG HUB and generating dynamic portfolios for communities, private sector and cities" (September 29th)
  • Deepdive #2 "Mapping Frameworks & Partnerships and Guidelines for social & cultural organisations to benefit from ESG frameworks." (October 6th)
  • Deepdive #3 "Social agenda as capital and the dynamics between Institutional investors, Capital markets, private sector, municipalities and the social agenda of future cities delivering ROI for cross industry participants." (October 13th)
  • Deepdive #4 "Measuring & Assessing Social Impact and New methodologies that point to measuring social status quo, effort and outcome in living environments. Insight on new best practices, case studies and frameworks.." (October 27nd)
  • Research Conference #2 (November 1st)
  • Research insights and outlook 2024 (8th December 2023)


The website of the ESG Innovation Collective and their materials on openresearch.

Chief Science Office of the City of Amsterdam

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