BA Thesis - Amsterdam, the modern Fashion City

By Vita van de Sandt

Full title: Amsterdam, the modern Fashion City: Analysis of the current significance of fashion cities and how Amsterdam relates to this

This research paper examines the role of fashion in relation to Amsterdam as a modern Fashion City with the aim to positively transform the current city reputation. The concept of a Fashion City has recently been revised, because of the emergence of second-tier Fashion Cities that have stimulated the formation of a polycentric fashion system. To find out what is the current significance of the concept, the paper incorporates results from an extensive literature review.

Parallel to this, the paper has attempted to define the fashion identity of Amsterdam by empirical as well as ethnographic research including semi-structured interviews and a digital survey. An exploration is given of the development of fashion in Amsterdam with a focus on how fashion in the city is symbolically produced by its local Cultural Creative Industries (CCIs). One of the findings is that collaboration between the CCIs is fundamental and it becomes clear that ‘the user’ of fashion in Amsterdam has always proved to be the innovator.

Based on these unique characteristics of the city, the paper concludes with an analysis of Amsterdam as a modern Fashion City and proposes an alternative Ideal Type of the concept by branding the city of Amsterdam as an ‘Inspiration City’.

autor: Vita van de Sandt

Afbeelding credits

Icon afbeelding: Cleo Vermij via Unsplash - Fashion - Mode