MSc Thesis - UvA - Individual Step Detection and Segmentation in Urban Point Clouds - Jeroen van Wely

MSc Thesis by Jeroen van Wely

This work focuses on determining the entrance (or outside) accessibility of buildings by detecting and segmenting individual steps in point clouds to provide people with reduced mobility with information on the number of steps, step heights, and step widths for each address in Amsterdam. This will make it easy for PRMs to find if an address is accessible to them and additionally will provide the local government of Amsterdam an overview of the extent of entrance accessibility issues in the city.


This research was conducted by Jeroen van Wely in collaboration with AI Team, Urban Innovation and R&D, City of Amsterdam.

Involved civil servants: Daan Bloembergen & Cláudia Pinhão.

Supervisors: Cláudia Pinhão & Shaodi You

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