Part 5: Reflections on the Research

This publication presented ten graduation projects from the sociology program of the University of Amsterdam. The projects explored (1) Rhythms of the Youth, Students and Families, (2) Rhythms in Community Spaces, and (3) Rhythms of Cultural Institutions and Public Spaces in the Amsterdam Zuidoost city borough. Next to that of the students, the publication involves the hard work of the supervisors and civil servants. The results were highly appreciated by the local municipality of Amsterdam Zuidoost, which motivated preparing this publication. From an academic perspective, the projects offered new research avenues by applying the perspective of rhythms, both methodologically and theoretically. The students and civil servants mentioned that such a perspective changed their approach to understanding and analysing what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it can be suggested that results contributed to sociological research methods and policy making. We reflect on the process in the final chapter and thank the program participants.

Sefkatli, Pinar, ed. 2022. Changing Rhythms During the Pandemic in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Amsterdam: Designing Rhythms for Social Resilience, University of Amsterdam.

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