Reconnecting with nature

New European Bauhaus festival in Amsterdam & Floriade EXPO 2022

Op 10 Juni namen de inzendingen van Amsterdam en Almere op Floriade EXPO 2022 deel aan de eerste editie van de New European Bauhaus festival met de titel reconnecting with nature. Zie hier de uitzending terug.

Listen to the voice of trillions of citizens – human and not-human – of Amsterdam and Almere! Together with artists, architects, ecologists and citizens we explore new ways to build a healthy, inclusive, biodiverse and climate-adaptive city for all. Join us at the Amsterdam-Almere pavilion in the Floriade EXPO for workshops and other activities to imagine a city where humans and non-humans are equal or join at Pakhuis de Zwijger for a special Livecast.

Reconnecting with nature

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For the first time, from June 9th to 12th, the European Commission organises a Festival dedicated to the New European Bauhaus (NEB). Designed around three pillars (Forum, Fair and Fest) and based physically in Brussels, at Gare Maritime & Mont des Arts, but equally around Europe and online, the Festival of the New European Bauhaus will bring together people from all walks of life to explore, debate and shape a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive future.

As part of the side program of the festival the Amsterdam-Almere pavilion at the Floriade and Pakhuis de Zwijger will host a special program on reconnecting with nature. There are special workshops for children to imagine a city where humans and non-humans are equal, a next generation dialogue on nature and food education and a streamed talkshow in which we discuss best practices to reconnect to nature.


10.00-19.00 The pavilion ‘The Voice of Urban Nature’ (Floriade)

Experience how the city of the future is the home for humans and not-humans. Learn from the voices of inspiring citizens from Amsterdam and Almere how you can restore your connection with nature. Also, don’t miss other pavilions like The Natural Pavilion, the children route, Utopia Island, Circuloco and many more.

10.30-12.00 Nature and food education (Floriade)

Talk about how nature- and food education can help to change our relationship with nature, green the city and interest young people to enter the ‘green’ sector. Universities, urban planners and professionals in the green sector share their thoughts with the next generation.
Location: The Natural Pavilion - Talk (Dutch)

11.00-16.00 Draw an infinite green city in which human and not-human have equal rights (Floriade)

These workshops for children will be hosted by Wouter van Reek, illustrator of children’s books.
Location: The voice of Urban Nature

11.00-15.00 The Green Clinic - A podcast – with aftercare (!) (Floriade)

by theater company Gouden Haas.
What if your relationship with nature was like a love affair in which both partners have grown apart hopelessly? Emerge yourself in this podcast in which nature philosopher at the state forest management agency Matthijs Schouten approaches our connection to nature as if it were a marriage gone sour. Afterwards, you can have a heart to heart with climate psychologist and coach Anna la Verge, who will give you – with a dose of humor – some tailored green advice.
Location: near the pavilion ‘The Voice of Urban Nature’.

13.00-14.00 Livecast ‘Reconnecting with nature’ (Live at PdZ, livestream at Floriade)

It is possible to attend in person at Pakhuis de Zwijger or watch it at the pavilion Amsterdam-Almere. Will be available later at New European Bauhaus website and Pakhuis de Zwijger website.

14.30-17.00 The green Bolero (Floriade)

This film is a special edition the Bolero van Ravel and performed by the ArtEZ Conservatorium in Zwolle. You join a journey through parks in Amsterdam. From old-fashioned scythes to ballet with brush cutters high in the tree to the singing of the Bolero. The film gives an inspiring and surprising picture of the work of the gardeners.
Location: The Natural Pavilion

Dit program is onderdeel van  WeMakeThe.City Green
In 2050 woont 70% van alle mensen in steden en stedelijke regio's. In steden wereldwijd, zo ook in ons land, stapelen de maatschappelijke vraagstukken met betrekking tot klimaatverandering, gezondheid en duurzaamheid zich op. Radicale vergroening van steden lijkt één van de oplossingen. Het thema 'growing green cities’ staat centraal bij de wereldtuinbouwexpo Floriade, die volgend jaar in 2022 van 14 april t/m 9 oktober in Almere wordt georganiseerd. Avanti uit Almere en Pakhuis de Zwijger uit Amsterdam programmeren anderhalf jaar lang WeMakeThe.City Green, in samenwerking met de founding partners, en ondersteunt door de gemeente Almere en gemeente Amsterdam en Metropoolregio Amsterdam activiteiten waarbij de thema’s: energie, gezondheid, voedsel en groen centraal staan.

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