MSc Thesis - Implementation of change in the municipality

By Regina Aukes

There is a call for change because of multiple sustainability challenges including the wicked problem of climate change. Policymakers at international to local level are setting goals to solve these challenges. Cities are hotspots of these challenges but have policy levers they can influence to force change.

In the domain of public precurement the engineering department has the authority to make these changes. This opportunity was taken to create a new form of public procurement that would give incentives to reach the ambitions of the municipality of Amsterdam, the collaboration agreement. However, the implementation of the new form of contract management met resistance from the organisation.

This thesis explores the following question: "How can a design intervention help the SOK* stakeholders, to decrease the number of hurdles for the implementation of the collaboration agreement in the municipality of Amsterdam?" I research the barriers of implementation of the SOK-pavement (Ingenieursbureau, Municipality of Amsterdam). It contains some qualitative data from various interviews with relevant stakeholders from the internal client and all layers within the engineering firm (production, knowledge and organization). In addition, it contains knowledge about the approach from the literature for change, which is relevant to transitions within the municipality. Furthermore I developed a tool to increase the awareness of the target group about the complexity of the implementation.

* Collaboration agreement or in Dutch 'Samenwerkingsovereenkomst', a framework agreement in public procurement of pavements in the municipality of Amsterdam.

Auteur: Regina Aukes
Studie: Strategisch Product Design
Kennisinstelling: Technische Universiteit Delft
Scriptiebegeleiders: Annemieke Vos, (Ingenieursbureau Gemeente Amsterdam), Erik-Jan Hultink
en Niya Stoimenova, TU Delft.