MSc Thesis AMS Institute - Urban Symbiosis of Building Materials in Amsterdam

MADE Student Project

This research investigates whether urban symbiosis, a strategy that focuses on the reuse of waste streams in an urban local network of stakeholders, is applicable to construction materials. More specifically it demonstrates which designs can be created that facilitate conversations between symbioses’ stakeholders while valorising construction waste flows in the city of Amsterdam.

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The large growth of cities over the years has led to a greater resource demand in urban areas. Subsequently, those resources end up in large waste flows to be transferred to the outskirts of the city and its hinterlands. Resource demand in urban areas puts high pressure on existing urban systems, adding to their complexity. As a consequence of this, integration of systems is needed to move towards more sustainable cities.
Although cities are aware of the urgency, their building plans often seem to be in tension with the environmental aims set. For example, the city of Amsterdam has planned a significant number of new building projects in the coming years. At the same time, it has to comply with the national vision which states the ambition to decrease the amount of raw materials that are used. In order to meet both aims, interventions have to be found for Amsterdam’s building projects in which raw materials can be substituted by reused materials.

Author: Nono Leermakers 

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