Policy Brief 3: Research and Innovation Supporting the Farm to Fork Strategy

The EU Think Tank (as part of the FIT4FOOD2030 Coordination and Support Action) strongly supports the development of the Farm to Fork Strategy as a key component of the European Green Deal, recognising the need to transform the food system as a whole.

This policy brief calls for innovative approaches to the Farm to Fork Strategy to provide practical answersto two central questions: i) how can a shift towards healthier and more sustainable diets be facilitated?; and ii) how can all actors in the food system be empowered to adopt more sustainable practices?

Answers to these questions raise the need for new transdisciplinary, multi-actor and participatory Research and Innovation (R&I) approaches that enable citizens, farmers, fishers, food processors,
distributors, retailers and consumers to contribute to more coherent, cross policy-sector food initiatives that leverage on European food systems to deliver a balance of public goods (including food security and environmental integrity).

Sonnino, R., Callenius, C., Lähteenmäki, L., Breda, J., Cahill, J., Caron, P., Damianova, Z., Gurinovic, M. A., Lang, T., Laperriere, A., Mango, C., Ryder, J. Verburg G., Achterbosch, T., den Boer, A.C.L., Kok, K.P.W., Regeer, B.J., Broerse, J. E. W., Cesuroglu, T., Gill, M. (2020). Research and Innovation Supporting the Farm to fork Strategy of the European Commission. Published by FIT4FOOD2030.

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