Policy Brief 1: A Systems Approach To Research and Innovation for Food System Transformation

A better understanding of key interactions between a multitude of actors, government levels and processes (production, consumption, distribution) and involving stakeholders is crucial to delivery of transformation. Our food systems face severe, urgent and persistent challenges, and so do we as humanity. Therefore, we need to strengthen the systems approach to Research and Innovation (R&I) in order to inform policy and decision makers to foster the transformation of EU food systems, in line with societies’ needs

Gill, M., den Boer, A. C. L., Kok, K. P. W., Breda, J., Cahill, J., Callenius, C., Caron, P.,
Damianova, Z., Gurinovic, M. A., Lähteenmäki, L., Lang, T., Laperrière, A., Mango, C.,
Ryder, J. Sonnino, R., Verburg G., Westhoek. H., Regeer, B. J., Broerse, J. E. W. (2018). A
systems approach to research and innovation for food system transformation. Published
by FIT4FOOD2030,

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