Approach to Mass Voices

a talk by Dash N’ Dem (design action group)

In their talk, the design action group Dash n Dem discuss their approach to Mass Voices and the updating of Mass Recitation as a form of collective political speech.

talk dash n dem



Dash N’ Dem (Dash Macdonald and Demitrios Kargotis) are a design action group whose wide-ranging participatory projects center on political education and engagement. Ideas inhabit varied media and platforms as a vehicle for agitation, using co-creation as a form of activism that provokes diverse audiences to speak out and think critically and creatively. 

Collaborative productions have the ambition of making politics more assessable and engaging, transposing research into historic and emerging forms of political education, organisation and communication into live actions that result in challenging new material and unique learning experiences. 

Dash Macdonald is a lecturer in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths and Demitrios Kargotis is a lecturer at The School of Art, Birmingham City University.

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