Report on the 24-hour care facility in Amsterdam Nieuw-West

Final report on the impact of the 24-hour care facility on the overall well-being of homeless EU-citizens

In this report, you can read all about the research project of students from the VU in collaboration with De Regenbooggroep Amsterdam. The aim was to look into the new 24-hour care facility in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, specifically focusing on the growing group of homeless EU citizens. Through a small-scale literature study and interviews with several residents, students looked into the impact of the care facility on the overall well-being of residents.

In essence, De Regenboog Groeps program goes beyond providing basic shelter; it actively addresses the
multifaceted aspects of self-sufficiency. By offering employment support, structured routines, daily activity
assistance, social-emotional support, and fostering community, the program equips homeless EU migrants
with the tools and support necessary to reclaim independence and work towards sustained self-sufficiency
in Amsterdam.

Several recommendations for future practice and research are suggested.