Co-Creation in Living Labs to Accelerate Innovation

By Jonas Anund Vogel, Ellen Van Bueren, Leendert Verhoef, Brian Goldberg, Per Lundqvist and Emma Sarin

This article argues that testbeds and Living Labs are a way to work on complex, multi-stakeholder and urgent problems in a co-creative way. In these labs there are possibilities to test technologies, in systems, in real buildings and cities. There are possibilities to follow-up, measure and adjust; to live, study, work and develop. The Living Labs have the potential of making new technologies standard to use in the course of years instead of decades and thus minimize unnecessary use of resources linked to the construction and use of buildings. In addition, it will help to make technologies more user-friendly, considering user needs, wishes and experiences, thus contributing to the effectiveness of the technologies developed and tested.

This article was published in the 10th Volume and first issue of the Civil Engineering Research Journal.

For reference:

Vogel, J.A., Van Bueren, E;  Verhoef, L.A.; Goldberg, B.; Lundqvist, P.; and Sarin, E., Co-Creation in Living Labs to Accelerate Innovation, Civil Eng Res J Opinion, Volume 10 Issue 1 - February 2020, DOI: 10.19080/CERJ.2020.10.555776