Smart doorbells are like a security camera's, but available for everyone. Always on, and owned by private parties, the smart doorbell is destined to have an impact on our privacy. As of now, there could be thousands of smart doorbells in Amsterdam, filming public space. We don t have a clear view on the numbers, and we do not know what the owners do with the collected data.

Smart doorbell owners are often not aware of the privacy issues. A major smart doorbell company states that its mission is to reduce crime in neighborhoods and claim that owners of their doorbell often experience a feeling of safety.

But owners of a smart doorbells are not the ones affected: the recording of public space is everyone's problem. Placing a Shutterring over a smart doorbell makes it just a smart doorbell again.

Comparable to a webcam cover, doorcallers slide up the Shutterring to ring the door, making themselves shortly visible. The diffuse filter shuts off all that the smart doorbell should not see, like the videocalling filter that blurs the background of the person behind the camera. Thus, only the person in front of the camera is visible.

Shutterring has been designed by the Incredible Machine.

Click here to read more on how to make your own Shuttering in 4 steps. 

Source: Responsible Sensing Lab - Shuttering

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