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2022 Waste Valorization in Hong Kong and Rotterdam

Federico Savini, Associate Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politics at University of Amsterdam

While the mainstream debate on the circular economy sells us a world of green plastic, high-end recycled consumption, makers labs, etc., behind this exciting reality lies the major challenge of construction. Construction is the big deal, it produces 60% of all waste, almost totally not reused, and it produces 10% of all emissions (just concrete, excluding all those related to steel, aluminum, timber, plastic, and all other building materials), and it is doubling towards 2030. China is the largest player in this case, but Europe will become soon, with its largely outdated stock of post-war infrastructures. Federico presents a study that he conducted together with Viktor Wildeboer.

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The lecture is part of the Meet and Learn lecture serie organized by thehe Strategic Urban Region Eurodelta (SURE) Network. This is a cross-border collaboration between cities and metropolitan areas in the river delta from the Rhine, Scheldt and Meuse. SURE provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and experience among practitioners in the field of economics, sustainability and spatial planning. The SURE Eurodelta invites you to learn about knowledge and ideas generated in the Eurodelta.

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