MSc Thesis AMS Institute - Participative Innovation Towards a Circular City

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Cities increasingly embrace the concept of a circular city as a goal of sustainable develop ment. In order to transition towards a more circular city, deep structural change is needed. Co-creation is gaining traction as a method of citizen participation to involve citizens in this transition, but the ambiguous term is used in many different ways in various domains. The danger of using a term in different ways is that the meaning can diminish. Therefore, this study aims to develop an approach for co-creation that is specified on the context of tran sitions towards more circular cities.

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Based on a literature study and qualitative interviews, the potential of co-creation in circularity transitions was explored. The organizational and citizen perspective was analyzed by interviewing organizations and citizens that participated in co creation. Based on the analysis of the responses, three core elements were identified  that could strengthen co-creation in the context of circularity transitions: it should foster  niche developments on a local scale, it should have clear boundaries, and it should be linked  to a bigger network. As a final step, a concept is presented that explores how the three core elements could be applied in practice. The results indicate how co-creation can be used in the  transition towards a circular city. Further research is needed to identify factors that could  develop the concept into a feasible approach of co-creation.

Author: Lotte Geeraedts

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