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Podcast: We Are Rhythm

Rhythm is of all times and everywhere around us. In the moon and the stars, in ebb and flow, in trams, buses and traffic lights, at home and at school, on the internet and in your telephone. Rhythm is a force that helps us to be healthy, to carry on and to feel good.

The stories from the book 'We Are Rhythm' have been recorded as podcasts and are read by the researchers themselves. Let yourself be carried away by the unique stories, accompanied by music and sounds that let you experience the rhythms of life.

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The cover of the podcast is made by Huda AbiFarès, who is also responsible for the editorial design of all publications within Values for Survival.

The production of the podcast is done by Mart Jeninga of Podcast Studio Amsterdam.

Find all episodes of this podcast here:
We Are Rhythm | Podcast on Spotify

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