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MSc MADE student portfolios (AMS Institute)

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions

The master’s Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering (MSc MADE) is an interdisciplinary master’s programme of both Wageningen University & Research and Delft University of Technology that focusses on sustainable development. Students learn to create innovative solutions for the challenges that metropolitan regions are facing in securing environmental change, urban sustainability and the quality of life in cities. This two-year master’s in sustainable development is entrepreneurial in approach and takes place in the urban context of Amsterdam. The programme is hosted at AMS Institute and strongly aligned with the activities at the institute.

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In the first year students focus on three core themes to acquire the competencies to solve metropolitan problems. Electives allow for self-designed tracks in Wageningen and Delft University of Technology to facilitate specialization. In the second year, the living lab course supports co-operation with public or private partners in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. The thesis course supports advanced theoretical understanding of metropolitan complexities, and of related methods needed to substantiate innovative socio-technical solutions.

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