Amsterdam Infection and Immunity

An unbalanced immune system is the basis for many infections, inflammatory diseases and also cancer. Due to global threats such as emerging infectious pathogens and increased antibiotic resistance, the need for new vaccination strategies and antimicrobial drugs is urgent. In addition, there is an unmet potential and need for novel innovative immune therapies and vaccination strategies to treat cancer. Chronic inflammatory diseases have increased over the years in most developed countries and not only severely reduce quality of life but are a high burden on the health care systems. The need to focus and combine research activities in inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and cancer immunity is crucial in order to identify common and novel immune correlates and pathways to work towards innovative treatment regimens.

The Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute will create a superb environment for young talented researchers enabling high level multidisciplinary basic, preclinical and clinical research on fundamental aspects of infectious diseases and immunity during infection, auto-inflammation and cancer. Although these diseases warrant different therapies, the underlying principles are often shared and/or may involve the same tissues. Thus, the Amsterdam Infection & Immunity Institute will intensify this unique “inter-disease” scientific environment for accommodating multidisciplinary research.

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