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Youth Unemployment in Amsterdam Zuidoost

DRSR Research Case Study No 2

The second case study of the DRSR research program is about youth unemployment in Amsterdam Zuidoost. The question that was raised from the city borough is "how can the services for youth (18-32 years) that the municipality is offering be improved?". The concern of the social department of Zuidoost is that a lot of investments are being made for the youth so that they can have a more secure future, however, the unemployment rates, drop outs from school and criminal activity among youth in Zuidoost is still high. From the perspective of data, the question is towards anticipating the future needs and challenges. We approach this issue by carrying out ethnographic work at the organisations that help the youth and the unemployed people, and by exploring how the issue can be recognised with the use of publicly available urban data that is offered by the City of Amsterdam.

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Header afbeelding: Amstel III en Bullewijk, Amsterdam, Netherlands (original title, Wikimedia Commons)

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