Anton Kats


Anton Kats (b.1983, Ukraine) is an artist, musician and dancer. Anton's practice derives from informal everyday relationships within a vibrant neighbourhood in Kherson, Ukraine and is complemented through necessity and pragmatics of self-legalisation in Europe via entering formal institutions of education. After attending masters programmes in Art in Context at the University of Arts Berlin and Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice at Goldsmiths College, Kats finalised his studies through a practice-based PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2016 Kats was invited to join the aneducation team of documenta14 as an artist where he has initiated the Narrowcast House and the A-Letheia projects.

Developing practice-driven research projects, Kats explores ambiguity of art practice as a question of agency and intentionality and develops site-specific work engaging with structures of self-organisation, self-education, marginalised people and the non-normative. His enquiry reveals the various forms of learning necessary to generate critical and practical knowledge in the everyday and departs from art practice as a form of investigation. Collaboratively developing learning platforms by the means of Radio and Film his work addresses site-related processes from within of the group and is driven by the context of diverse practitioners. Amongst others he has been working with non-governmental organizations in St. Petersburg, Berlin, Kingston and London developing artistic interventions, programs and exhibitions together with the residents of the cities margins. Kats’s goal is to explore the potential of collaboration within formal and informal social structures and to jointly develop useful methods that enable to independently take action.


Dash N’ Dem will participate the Open Set 2018 Fluid Rhythms summer school as an expert and lead the workshop People taller than buildings: Listening and Sonification in Public Space on 15, 16 and 17th of August. 

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