Shared Micromobility, Shared by Everyone?

MADE Student Project

Shared micromobility, which refers to small, lightweight vehicles like bikes and scooters, can provide flexible and eco-friendly transportation options. However, these services are mainly used by privileged groups, such as younger, wealthy, single, and male populations, which raises concerns about inclusivity. Amsterdam is experimenting with shared micromobility to achieve societal goals, but the low usage by a small privileged group highlights the need to address accessibility issues.

Most research in this area has focused on users, and few studies have included of non-users in their study. The aim of this research is to fill this knowledge gap by investigating which groups are not using shared micromobility and for what reasons, using a qualitative research approach. This involved face-to-face surveys with non-users to identify their barriers to using these services.

Author: Julie van Damme

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