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The climate-proof city

How do we prepare the city of Amsterdam for the consequences of climate change?

Due to climate change, we have to deal more often with extreme weather conditions. Such as longer drought periods, more heat waves and extreme rainfall. These extreme weather events are also becoming more visible in Amsterdam. To protect the city against the consequences of climate change and to stop further exhaustion of the earth, it is necessary to make Amsterdam a climate-proof and climate-neutral city.

In this collection you will find various studies on climate change in the city. Click on ‘more information’ for an overview of the different parts in this collection.

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This collection contains the following components: 

  • Nieuw Amsterdams Klimaat 2050

The Amsterdam Climate Neutral Roadmap is a document that illustrates the ambitions for a long-term vision on the Amsterdam energy transition and for short-term actions. In the Roadmap, we describe the main ingredients of our strategy to initiate and keep the transition from fossil to renewable energy in motion. 

  • Groenvisie 2050: een leefbare stad voor mens en dier

The Groenvisie paints a picture of Amsterdam as a green city and how this can be further developed between now and the year 2050. The task to densify the city with new housing and the challenges regarding energy and mobility have led to busier open space. At the same time, there is a growing need to make use of pleasant green space close to home. Given the importance of green space, urban tasks should not be at the expense of green space and its quality.

  •  Climate in the city council

 The municipality has the ambition to make Amsterdam a climate-neutral and climate-proof city. To this end, the municipality needs research on themes regarding sustainability and green in the city in order to draw up visions, goals and strategies. In this collection you will find various studies and reports on climate that has been discussed in the city council.

  • The energy transition

The municipality of Amsterdam is working on a gas-free, emission-free and energy-neutral city. Sustainable heat sources, alternative fuels and the sustainable generation of electricity from solar and wind energy are of great importance. In this collection you will find articles related to the energy transition in Amsterdam.

  • Designing climate proof cities  

In order to protect Amsterdam against extreme weather conditions, it is important to increase the city’s climate resilience. Water bodies and the greening of the city play a major role in this challenge. In this collection you will find solutions to reduce nuisance during extreme weather conditions.

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