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Designing climate-proof cities

Due to climate change, we have to deal more often with extreme weather conditions. Such as longer drought periods, more heat waves and extreme rainfall. To protect Amsterdam against the consequences of climate change, it is important that the climate resilience of the city is increased. But how do you make a city climate-proof? In this collection you will find solutions to reduce nuisance during extreme weather conditions, in which solutions regarding water bodies and the greening of the city play a major role.

This collection also includes research and practical examples of urban agriculture in Amsterdam. Urban agriculture is a sustainable alternative to our current agricultural system that contributes to global warming and the loss of biodiversity. We also face the great challenge of providing food for the growing world population. Bringing together city and agriculture, in a sustainable way, can therefore not be ruled out in the climate-proof design of the city.

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Layout: In this collection you will first find the project 'Urban Ecology and Biobased Solutions'. Thereafter, articles on heat, water and green in the city will follow. Last, the articles on urban agriculture.



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