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Quay Walls (AMS Institute)

How to maintain 200 km of quay walls and 850 bridges?

The City of Amsterdam is responsible for the management and maintenance of a great number of bridges and quays. However, the fact of the matter is: for about 200 km of quay walls and 850 bridges there is not enough information available as of yet on what state they are in and what load they can still handle. To illustrate, there are no sufficient records of the composition of the soil around these walls; an important factor that determines the state of the quays.

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That’s why, as part of its duty to keep the city safe, accessible and ‘future-proof’, the City of Amsterdam’s developed the ‘Bridges and Quay Walls’ Action Plan. As part of this plan, innovative methods are required to determine, among others:

  • The current status of the bridges and quay walls?
  • Which bridges and quays should be replaced or maintained?
  • What is the cause of damage?

The City of Amsterdam’s program organization ‘Bridges and Quay walls’ is a mammoth task, for which AMS Institute has a network in place to help tackle the aforementioned questions. In line with the institute’s interdisciplinary and collaborative approach, this October 14th, a knowledge exchange meeting was organized.

The key question asked to experts of both businesses and knowledge institutes: what and how Monitoring & Sensoring technologies could best be applied to gather technical information about the structures of the Quay walls and Bridges of Amsterdam?

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