The Battle of the Amsterdam quayside bulge

The canals and quaysides in Amsterdam make a pretty picture. In order to remain safe, the quay walls, some over 300 years old and built on wooden piles, need to be well maintained. But which ones to tackle first? And which quay walls still pass the test?

Research Fellow at AMS Institute, and PhD candidate at TU Delft, Mart-Jan Hemel is investigating the condition of these centuries old quay walls by doing exactly what the local authorities are trying to prevent: put pressure on them until they collapse.

At first glance the former Zuidergasfabriek terrain in Amsterdam looks a bit like a construction site. And yet from the end of February until mid April the old dock on the Amstel will be the scene of a very important experiment.


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In this video Jelle van Ophuizen (Iv-Infra), Erik Hutcheson (Gemeente Amsterdam), and Mart-Jan Hemel (TU Delft and AMS Institute) more about this innovative test load. This video was commissioned by Iv-Infra in cooperation with Gemeente Amsterdam, AMS Institute and TU Delft.


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