How do I share knowledge?

Become an editor

Openresearch is based on the input of its editors. Editors share their research relevant for the city on behalf of their institution or organization. More than 200 editors in the boards of the municipality and in institutions and faculties of the universities and colleges in Amsterdam are collaborating. The openresearch editorial team facilitates all editors, manages the platform and further develops the platform. There are now about 3000 people who visit the platform on a weekly basis.

Become an editor and contribute to a transparent Amsterdam knowledge network!

Editors carry out the substantive editing of their own collection or several collections on openresearch on behalf of their own organization. Within their collection they can add new articles, collections and projects. Editors can also create accounts for new participants and stakeholders. Anyone who works for knowledge institutions or the municipality of Amsterdam can become an editors. This can be done by following a training course of approximately 2 hours with the openresearch editorial board. During the training, the editor is introduced to the platform's technique, editorial skills and copyright.

Editor training courses take place monthly. You can register for the training by clicking on this link and filling in the registration form.

The editor of openresearch:

  • Knows the research/projects of their own institution/department 
  • Publishes the research/projects on openresearch
  • Is supported by the editorial team of the Chief Science Officers
  • Attends openresearch editor's meeting (approximately 2 to 3 times a year) 

I want to share knowledge but I am external. 

It is possible to request an account and a digital space to document and share knowledge. Publication then goes through the editor or the open research editors. Send an email to

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