City Science Initiative

The City Science Initiative stimulates participants to share information, exchange ideas and discuss approaches on how research in the city can support cities with urban challenges. It appears that many cities have created structures to support such research. In this report the dynamics of 'city science' as the DG R&I of the EU Commission now labels it, are discussed.

City Science Initiative Objetives

The City Science Initiative aims to strengthen the ways in which science and research can help address the urban challenges and to develop a structured approach to evidence-informed policy-making at cities' level. More specifically, this community aims at:

  • Bring together professionals from different EU cities working on the interface between city-policies and research (‘City Science Officers’, CSO’s)
  • Explore how research, science and technology can help cities to address the challenges at the local level.
  • Promote discussion on ways through which science could help in addressing challenges faced by cities.
  • Showcase the potential of the European Commission services and existing networks in supporting the efforts to strengthen the science and policy interface in cities.
  • Promote and facilitate a European Network of City Science Officers.
  • Explore the needs and priorities of cities in terms of evidence-based policy making.
  • Facilitate linkages with other related initiatives.

City Science Initiative working topics

Five cities lead each of the five working topics of the City Science Initiative:

City Science Initiative meetings

Since it was initially launched at the beggining of 2019, several meetings have been organized in Amsterdam and Brussels to set up the initiative and reflect on the next steps to take:

For more information go to the Workspace European City Science Initiative.

Source: City Science Initiative - JRC Science Hub Communities