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Lab 3: Low temperature heat networks

Amsterdam wants to be completely natural gas-free by 2040. Sustainable heat networks play an important role in this. There are several data centers in Amstel III, which produce a large amount of heat. Heat that is currently not used and is lost. In line with the climate objective of Amsterdam Zuidoost, work is being done in Amstel III on the realization of low-temperature heat networks to heat buildings and homes with residual heat from data centers.

The realization of such heat networks entails many issues. What are the optimal technical specifications of low-temperature heat networks? What is the acceptance of heat networks in (existing) buildings? How do you organize ownership and how do you organize open networks to which other sources and customers can connect in the future? What legal preconditions are required by the legislator to stimulate sustainability? In this collection you will find articles about the realization of low-temperature heat networks in Amstel III.

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